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Our Services

We provide children’s eye examinations, management of age-related visual/ocular conditions (macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma).

We also manage post-surgery patients related to retinal, corneal, cataract and laser-refractive procedures.
We offer digital retinal imaging to help document and diagnose various ocular conditions.
We fit specialty contact lenses such as those for keratoconus, astigmatism, extended wear, frequent replacement (disposable) and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

We have an optical dispensary which supplies:

  • Accessories
  • Low vision aids
  • Prescription swim goggles
  • Clip on sunglasses
  • Custom prescription sunglasses
  • Occupational glasses
  • Custom shooting glasses

A complete eye examination is about more than finding
out whether or not you need glasses or contact lenses !

Eye Examinations

At Generations Optometry we look at your eyes from front to back, inside and outside.

We analyze the ability of your eyes to work together (binocular vision), and assess your ocular health by looking for and diagnosing a wide range of eye diseases including macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract development. Conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) can have adverse effects on your ocular health, and at times are initially discovered during an eye examination by an Optometrist. Our care includes working with other specialists including Ophthalmologists to deliver the best outcome for your vision.

Our Optometrists are committed to creating a customized product or treatment plan that’s right for you. We’ll explain the specific eyewear and contact lens options for your task, whether it be competitive pistol shooting or seeing the fine lines on a specialized measuring device at work, golfing or better vision on your computer screen.

Are you a musician?

Many of our patients find that their everyday eyewear is not ideal when playing a musical instrument. Common problems include difficulty seeing notes on a page, or parts of an instrument, especially in darker venues, and trouble focusing while going back and forth between the music, the instrument, the gear and the audience! Due to Dr. Lu’s lifetime involvement with music, she has custom crafted solutions for many musicians, both professional and amateurs. Music glasses or contact lenses can be a great asset to improving comfort and clarity both during practice sessions, or performances. Feel free to ask about this service.

A comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist by
the age of 3 is strongly recommended; even younger.

Children’s Eye Examinations

Most parents and caretakers assume that because very young children cannot read the letters on an eye chart, an eye examination is not necessary until they are in school. They also believe that the vision screening performed by a school nurse is adequate. Not true!

A comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist by the age of 3 is strongly recommended; even younger, if there is any question about a child’s vision. No reading of letters required! Not only is it important to find out if each eye is seeing the world in focus, but we need to ensure that the two eyes are working together (binocular vision). Finally, an assessment of ocular health is always performed.

Some untreated eye conditions and problems can leave a permanent impairment of vision and development. By identifying a child’s vision problems early, there is a greater chance that treatment will be successful.

Annual eye examinations for children are recommended because there can be a drastic change within a short period of time, as kids grow at different rates to adulthood.

1 in 6 school-aged children experience learning difficulties which are a result of unknown or uncorrected vision conditions. Many parents and caregivers assume they will notice if their child has a vision problem. They feel that the school nurse’s screening will reveal any problems, or that the family doctor will catch any issues. They are surprised to find out that some conditions go undetected until an Optometrist does a thorough examination.

We recommend following the Canadian Association of Optometry’s guidelines for children’s health and wellness. Please note that the BC Government MSP program subsidizes eye exams for children up to age 19.

  • Infants and toddlers: First exam between 6 and 9 months
  • 2-5 years old: At least one examination
  • 6-19 years: Annual examination

Your child doesn’t have to be able to read or identify letters! Our Optometrists examine eye teaming (binocular vision), colour vision, focusing ability and do thorough ocular health assessments in a fun and gentle way. We tailor our approach to the age and capability of the little person we are examining.

A proactive eyecare approach can have life long benefits.

Studies show that eye issues like Strabismus and Amblyopia have better treatment outcomes when caught early, and motor skills of kids aged 3-5 significantly improved when appropriate corrective eyewear was worn.

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If you are interested in contact lenses, we are here to help you!

Contact Lens Examinations

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for many patients who would like freedom from glasses, a wide field of view and the convenience and cosmetic benefits of being glasses-free. Contact lens companies introduce new technology frequently, and we can often improve your comfort, health or vision over your previous lens options. Whether you need extended wear, occasional wear, 1-Day contacts, astigmatism (toric) correction, progressive (multifocal) lenses, specialty rigid (RGP) lenses or coloured lenses we have something for you!

Our service includes:

  • The professional advice of an Optometrist
  • Internationally recognized brand names
  • Training for first time wearers
  • Important follow up appointments for best results

Health and Safety

A crucial part of your success with these medical devices is having someone professionally match you with the right product. It is important to know that contacts can damage the sensitive surface of your eye unless carefully selected to fit properly and deliver oxygen to your cornea. You can trust that we will take great care to select a lens specifically for you using biomicroscopic examination techniques for accuracy. Our Optometrists also take into consideration the natural tear production your eye makes, your latest prescription, and your lifestyle.

Did you know ?

A contact lens can be like a new shoe, feeling good at first but rubbing or causing issues over time. We do crucial follow up appointments to ensure that your lens works properly even after day one. Also, an adult eye can change over time, requiring different contacts for good ocular health and visual clarity, so we will re-evaluate your eyes and adjust your lenses accordingly each time you are in for your comprehensive exam.

First time wearer?

You are in good hands. Ask us all of your questions, and we will show you the way to make contacts work for you. We include fitting, training and follow up appointments to ensure that you get great vision and comfort. Parents, we can talk with you about any interest your child has in contacts and help you understand the safest ways to help kids see well for their sport, hobby or social activity.

Laser Vision Co-Management

We provide pre and post operative care for Laser Refractive surgical procedures (LASIK and PRK). Our goal is to help you understand your laser eye surgery options, maximize your investment and get the best results possible long term.

For your pre-operative assessment, an Optometrist at Generations Optometry will examine your prescription, ocular health and visual expectations in order to determine whether you are a good candidate for a laser procedure. Surprisingly, some people who were told in the past that they could not get good results are now candidates for custom LASIK and wavefront technology. We can discuss which procedure may work best for you and connect you with the Ophthalmologists in Greater Vancouver who perform the preferred laser eye surgery.
Post-operative care is what happens to keep your vision on track after surgery. Please remember that not every surgery results in optimal vision without any eyeglasses or contacts. Part of our care will be evaluating your post-surgical vision outcome and offering suggestions for any eyewear needed. Even after laser eye surgery, regular annual care by an Optometrist is a good part of maintaining your ocular health.

Ask us about sunglasses to reduce glare and sun damage after your laser eye surgery!

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